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Go on an adventure and discover what happened to your deceased grandfather. Will you solve the mystery of Roc'h Arnev Island?

The game is based on and inspired by real locations and the interesting lore and legends from Northern Brittany in France.

The spoiler free built-in hint system is no longer available unfortunately (see devlog), but I hope you'll still have fun, if you get stuck you can ask for help.

This is a Flash game, it only works in a compatible browser such
as Firefox (it does not play in Chrome). Also the Flash plugin needs to
be downloaded and enabled in your browser.

The file is quite heavy, please wait for it to load.


"?" - show all hotspots (in right bottom corner)
"T" - change font to more readable (in main menu left bottom corner)
game design, graphics, music & developpment by axoona


Le jeu est aussi en français, inspiré par les légendes et les paysages de la Bretagne.

Malheureusement le système d'aide n'est plus accessible, mais j'espère que ce sera toujours aussi amusant. si jamais vous êtes bloqué.e, n’hésitez pas me contacter.

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