Updated version Roc'h Arnev Island

Unfortunately my server is down since a long while, I forgot to renewit and it was killed... I updated the game file to erase all the links to that webpage (as unfortunately someone reclaimed my domain as well, so it was really uncool for people to land on that)

Also that means that my super-cool spoiler-free built in system is no longer available, that was lots of work and not retrivable :( The game is a bit difficult so it is a bummer. If you're stuck, do not hesitate to ask.

I can only be angry with myself I never did any back-up.

Also I dig this very nice review that Adventure Gamers wrote about Roc'h Arnev Island at it's release in 2015: https://adventuregamers.com/articles/view/28882/page3

Hope you have fun, I'm sometimes so sad that it will die with the end of Flash. It is my very first video game I made, inspired by the beautiful region I live in.


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34 days ago

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