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Help your little community prepare for winter in this poetic and relaxing game. Your actions will have an impact.

For Ludum Dare 40 in December 2017 I teamed up with Lorelei who made the beautiful graphics. The theme of the jam was "The more you have, the worse it is".

I never posted this jam version here, at the time we wanted to make a nice polished post-jam version. Loreleï worked on another game during the jam so she did the graphics very quickly and wanted to improve them, I wanted to add or correct some gameplay aspects based on input from Ludum Dare community but we never did find the time nor motivation, both caught with life matters :(

Therefore the game is a bit rough around the edges.

It's obviously inspired by the excellent "Where The Goats Are" by Memory of God (play it it's excellent ! ❤️).
The author of the beautiful ambient track you can hear in the game is Jack Taylor the same composer who made music for Where The Goats Are.

This game reminds me of IndieCade Europe in Paris in 2017 where I met Loreleï and other wonderful people :)
It's also where I discovered Where The Goats Are are had the chance to briefly speak with it's developper.

graphics by Loreleï
original ambient track by Jack Taylor (licensed under CC 4.0)
design, coding and all the rest by axoona
Made with Unity3D.

Finished background graphics by Loreleï' ❤️


Where_The_Grains_Are_1.1.zip 30 MB
Where the Grains Are 1.1 Linux.zip 35 MB
Where The Grains Are 1.1 Mac.app.zip 32 MB

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