Working version!

It was just horrible. I had a working game (that was working perfectly in Unity Editor), which builded into release without any problems.

And then all of a sudden the nightmare started. When I launched it, it was just a disaster...  It was probably one of the worst debugging  I was ever forced to do! I still love you Unity, but debugging you is hell.

Anyway, finding the culprit took some thourough searching. As the problems only appeared in the finished build, that included for example commenting parts of code, building and trying to see where the problem was...  I'll spare you the details, but if anyone had a quicker solution, I would really be gratefull.

In the end there was problem with 3 things: 

- OcculusSpacializerReflection effect on the Unity's Audio Mixer which apparently doesn't work, I didn't really dwelve into this I just deleted the Audio Mixer.

- reference to an object in the scene rather than a instantiated prefab. I still don't understand why it didn't work but I just created a prefab.

- and the worst of it all. I had to learn it the hard way that you shouldn't use Scriptable Objects in final release. How did I miss that? I had to rewrite all that bits of data to be inserted .

Well, anyway the game is now workable. There is no new content in comparison with the last version but you can't really verify that, because the last version didn't run. You'll need to  take my word for it (that's for the people who will be judging the game). But I understand if you think it is a problem.

Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy the game. 


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Sep 25, 2017

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