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My submission for #MusicGameJam!

This is  a musical puzzle, where you'll try to guess and play the melody on a giant synth pad! I didn't have much time so currently there are only a few levels and the image hints could be improved, but I hope you'll manage 🙂

There is also a free mode, that let's you dance like on a dancefloor and compose your own music in a given tonality. See instructions in game.

Hope you'll have fun!

(this is my very first 3D game that I made over one weekend while learnig how to make 3D games.. please do not put your expectations to high 😉)

Puzzle Mode Instructions

1. on each level you'll need to play a given melody by stepping on the pads 

2. the hint about the melody is the image in the back (and maybe other stuff if I upgrade the game)

3. The pink crystal indicates you where you should/could begin 

4. The blue crystal will play the rythm of the melody, which might help you in guessing the melody. 

5. The blue crystal will play the melody. You'll then need to play it by yourself to clear the puzzle.

6. It's the order of the notes you play that is important. Not the order of the pads. 

7. The melody does not need to be played in rythm.

8. sometimes it might  be necessary to step on a pad twice.

9. One you've cleared the puzzle the portal on the other side will open (there will be some fog appearing from it and a "whoa" sound will play ) 

I admit the hints for the melodies are a bit rough, I'll need to add a sort of 2-3 steps hints in a later version!


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