In February 2021, there was a fanart event on Twitter #DE30days dedicated to side characters from (the most awsome) video game Disco Elysium. I am really down but figured that I'd like to do at least one drawing because I really love Disco Elysium and that doing something fun and creative could potentially rise my spirits up a bit. And seeing other peoples' drawings was really inspiring. In the end, I was so engrossed that I made several of them. Who could have thought ? Incredible.

So I made several black & white brush ink pen drawings, that I was pretty proud of and then I thought : let's make a zine out of it. That's because I'm also very much into zines as well since a little while. And then I discovered that there was the #ZineJam organised here on itch for zines about hobbies. What a happy coincidence ! ^-^

And when I started working on the zine I thought : let's make it more disco, let's color the drawings and aim for some weird psychedelic pop-art style. And my drawings just took on a completely different look and style ! °v°
I don't know if you like it but I like it a lot (self-praise, not entirely bad thing, anything to keep the spirits up, I say)

To spice things up a bit more, it just so happened that the amazing Nathalie Lawhead released new templates for her incredible Electric Zine Maker and the new Fancy T-cut zine layout, which in fact is real fancy, was exactly what I needed, you can see all the drawings in one spread.  Yey ! ^o^

Then my kids seeing me testing the zine's layout in print, suggested I make a "Color Your Zine" version, cause they wanted to color it and I thought it was a great idea for everyone to enjoy. °v°
You can therefore print, fold and color your zine with your own trippy colors for maximum coolitude effect. ^-^

A lot of happy coincidences, and the result is right here. Done. Yupi ! ^-^

And guess what ? March is the month of #MiniZines
That's how I'm celebrating.
Now let's play some disco.


link to my original black and white ink drawings :


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It's official, you are awesome!


You're awesome !!


This Zine is so cool ! thanks for sharing it !

merci !! 😊 💖


these are so cool! i love ur art style and how you did the cover and the first two pages

thank you ! :)


Saw the twitter posts, loved them, the colored version is AWESOME !

btw, what script did you use for the zine display ?

Thank you !! 😊

I'm using this tool that Jeremy Oduber wrote for Electric Zine Maker :

Thanks !

I didn’t manage to make it work for so many pages, must have got something wrong, gonna try again !


thanks for sharing! Excited to color it

cool ! 🤩
please share if you do 😊


Very cool! So stylish!

thank you !! 💖