In February 2021, there was a fanart event on Twitter #DE30days dedicated to side characters from (the most awsome) video game Disco Elysium. I am really down but figured that I'd like to do at least one drawing because I really love Disco Elysium and that doing something fun and creative could potentially rise my spirits up a bit. And seeing other peoples' drawings was really inspiring. In the end, I was so engrossed that I made several of them. Who could have thought ? Incredible.

So I made several black & white brush ink pen drawings, that I was pretty proud of and then I thought : let's make a zine out of it. That's because I'm also very much into zines as well since a little while. And then I discovered that there was the #ZineJam organised here on itch for zines about hobbies. What a happy coincidence ! ^-^

And when I started working on the zine I thought : let's make it more disco, let's color the drawings and aim for some weird psychedelic pop-art style. And my drawings just took on a completely different look and style ! °v°
I don't know if you like it but I like it a lot (self-praise, not entirely bad thing, anything to keep the spirits up, I say)

To spice things up a bit more, it just so happened that the amazing Nathalie Lawhead released new templates for her incredible Electric Zine Maker and the new Fancy T-cut zine layout, which in fact is real fancy, was exactly what I needed, you can see all the drawings in one spread.  Yey ! ^o^

Then my kids seeing me testing the zine's layout in print, suggested I make a "Color Your Zine" version, cause they wanted to color it and I thought it was a great idea for everyone to enjoy. °v°
You can therefore print, fold and color your zine with your own trippy colors for maximum coolitude effect. ^-^

A lot of happy coincidences, and the result is right here. Done. Yupi ! ^-^

And guess what ? March is the month of #MiniZines
That's how I'm celebrating.
Now let's play some disco.


link to my original black and white ink drawings :

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Love the look of this. It's a worthy tribute.


thanks !! :)

I've printed and folded a couple of copies of this.

Thinking it would be good to use these as NPCs for Over the Edge 3rd Edition because Al Amarja is surely adjacent to Revachol and Network 23 which has a Rose of Thoughts instead of a Thought Cabinet.


Awesome colors and lines, inspiring style!

Also, this zine is so amazing that it totally sold Disco Elysium to me. Can't wait to buy the next time it's on sale somewhere.

cool ^^


Very stylish! Thanks for making and sharing

thank you :)


It's official, you are awesome!


You're awesome !!


This Zine is so cool ! thanks for sharing it !

merci !! 😊 💖


these are so cool! i love ur art style and how you did the cover and the first two pages

thank you ! :)


Saw the twitter posts, loved them, the colored version is AWESOME !

btw, what script did you use for the zine display ?

Thank you !! 😊

I'm using this tool that Jeremy Oduber wrote for Electric Zine Maker :

Thanks !

I didn’t manage to make it work for so many pages, must have got something wrong, gonna try again !


thanks for sharing! Excited to color it

cool ! 🤩
please share if you do 😊


Very cool! So stylish!

thank you !! 💖