you can *click* *click* *click* to advance the text and get excellent productivity appraisal

or you can just sit back and let it flow

EDIT : should have called this i’m a useless human being


my opinion is that it sounds better with French text-to-speech than your average English accent (you can change it in your browser's language settings)
- the Firefox voice is just excellent

I've workshopped a responsive mobile version that is not total shit so you can try it but play on your computer if you can because the images show  better


image credits :
only available until they take all the gifs down

I used this fantastic tool : Slaptrash

Thank you Internet 💜

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(11 total ratings)
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilitySubtitles, One button, Blind friendly

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hypnotisant, bravo !

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Amazing job axoona! Freedom under capitalism is freedom to choose which capitalist steals your labour


Since my browser is set to French it was reading with an obnoxious accent and I couldn’t understand shit lmaooooo


I couldn't stop laughing,i don't know if it was a panick attack or the realisation that we are all screwed


I have no words, you might have solved capitalism.

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listening to this with the mac cello voice (because that's my default) did something to the experience, uh

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I was transfixed and couldn't stop listening/watching. This felt like the video essay form of a gutpunch but in a lowtech, lowfi package that somehow adds to the total existential dread of the work. Fuck.


My stonkz are skyrocketing thanks to this zine


Eyes on the prize $_$