This is an interactive story about a girl named Lisa who lives in Europe. Browse through the contents of her social media news feed and discover what happens (at the end).

This game was made for #ResistJam. It's a game about indifference, inertia and hopelessness. About (non)reaction and where it has lead us.

If you're interested about the inspiration for the game, please read here:


I'd recommend playing on full screen.

Web version takes a long time to load. If you'd like to avoid that and you're on Windows, download the executable instead.

Music, graphics & developpment by myself. SFX are from

version 1.0.2: replaced button "Quit" by "Go Outside", added comments for some posts

version 1.0.3: corrects the regression in 1.0.2 web version where outside of house was not loading. I'm really sorry for that!


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I love how you get to see Lisa slowly go crazy.



I think it was a great game design choice of you to tell the game's story straight from Lisa's point of view. It may not be ours, but it's still one that we get confronted with and by including that in a game it may let some people think about how they would interact in their own life with such people. A nice little thought-provoking and well designed game. :) Congratulations for that! I included it in one of our compilation articles about the ResistJam and also featured it in the related showcase video. <3 Keep up the great work, looking forward to see more of you in the future! :)

Best wishes,


Thank you so much! And thank you for your excellent coverage of the ResistJam (I think I've seen all the videos)! :)

It was a risky design choice but I'm glad that you liked it. It's a great pleasure to be mentionned in your compilation as I really enjoy reading (or watching) gamejamcurator's  articles.  

Cheers!! :)

Some of the people who i was forced to unfollow, i didn't really want to unfollow..  like the womens right activist. She was informing people of how women get paid less and also domestic violence, and i was forced to unfollow her because apparently it was "hate." Good game though, i understand im supposed to be playing from Lisa's perspective, just some points made me kind of angry :(


Thank you for your comment! 

one of my intentions was to make a satire on people like Lisa. Those "good intentions" people who in reality just don't care about anything and do not want to hear the incomfortable truth that would force them to change their habits or do any action,  who end up surrounded by others like them (people who just care about gifs of cats, surreal vacation photos and other superficial stuff)... and that text about "hate" is actually something I have heard in the exact context... But I understand your anger! 

ah i understand. thank you for clearing this up. I like the concept

Nice pixel art! I like your feed UI.

I wasn't completely sure how things were progressing. Like, I wasn't sure if people just changed over time or if it had something to do with me liking/commenting/sharing posts. I'm not sure how long I played before I noticed the "go outside" button; it could use a little bounce or something to draw the eye.

I liked the little point-n-click sequence at the end, the "go outside" sentiment, and the message about social media filter bubbles. Nice work!

Thank you very much for your feedback! :)

The likes and comments do not have any impact on game progression (it is on purpose, its my personal opinion on how social media work really, that people's opinions are not shaped or changed by it but rather confirmed...). The purpose is more to discover what heroine thinks about these subjets and therefore learn more about her.

It's like real life. Makes a good point.

Thank's! I really appreciate your feedback