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I played it a little. Nice relaxing little game. I did a little Let's Play of it on my channel.


cool :)

theres only a black screen

that's wierd, what plateform are you using?


Random--- Planned ---- Random. No I liked the game but at my first dream there was no Q and I was afraid that the sub was my new home. Well done

hey thank's and I 'm sorry. Could you tell me what on platform and what resolution you were playing?



no problem, you had the cortrols on your site. Anyways windows and 1920x1080

ah good,  thank you! :)

(so it's not the platform nor the resolution then..)


Pretty neat. Keep up the great work.


thank's for the gameplay video!

I don't know why but the message that you need to press Q key on the keyboard in order to wake up did not show... and there are more dreamlands to explore afterwards ;)


This is really great. Thanks for making this. Your daughter was right. Swimming around with the squidlings was the perfect idea.

:) I will tell her that! 


Nice work! What a delightful collection of dreams to explore!

thank you! :)