paradoxal writing born from my inabilty
to create an interactive poem for shufPoetry jam
fuelled by the discussions we have at PangPang Club

July 2021

also please check out the really touching video review by ShufPoetry <3

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(11 total ratings)
Made withTwine
TagsAltgame, artgame
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsMouse, Touchscreen


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ça m'a cueilli. (No idea how to translate that!)

merci c'est très gentil <3

(ici une francophone, mais il m' a fallu un moment pour que je comprends la phrase ^^')


Pour être plus clair, je venais sans attente, par curiosité pour l'utilisation de Twine, et j'ai été ému "par surprise".  Il y a quelque chose dans le rythme qu'on donne au texte qui fait qu'on se l'approprie vraiment.

Merci pour la création !


this is so good, such a special use of twine and it really captures those days where your body feels heavy and the carpet very cozy <3


thank you :)
yeah on some days the cozy carpet is all we need ^^'

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Wondeful usage of Twine! And very relatable too! Loved it!!!


thank you!! <3


Abolition of duties <3
I really love this poem, it resonate within me and so many conversations we had. It feels like a conversation <3

thank you !! ❤️
it's a conversation between me and myself in my head :)


life's more important than jams :)


absolutely! :)
and yet life without jams isn't life...
the paradox for the ages


Well done! So deep!

thank you very much! 😊