One day I was daydreaming about a world without genders where you meet a person and it's only via interaction, spending time, talking, flirting... that you mutually find out that you like each other, and the way you like each other or could like each other with mutual consent, whether it is aromantic or romantic, asexual or sexual

and then I remembered why patriarchalism is so obsessed on dividing people into visually identifiable binary genders

and so I made this game


CW : mysogyny,  transophobia, homophobia, enbyphobia, apology of rapeviolent language

Full screen advised

If you're a bigot go fuck yourself


Created using  VIDEOTOME micro narrative engine by Freya C (thank you ❤️)

Thank you Axell and Sam for playtesting ❤️  


please think about this game the next time you plead for a “sensible compromise” or to include “all sensibilities” or “let’s not get too angry” or some other bigotry-defending bullshit

there really is no way to compromise with this way of thinking

there is no room for bigotry in public space
(there is no place for this anywhere)

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TagsAltgame, antifa, LGBT, manifesto, Queer
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly, High-contrast


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this is a really raw / harsh tartare of the breakdown of how bigots really think, i think of my games if you haven't played any but want to, this one would be good to start with which is about severe internalized homophobia and also extreme homosexual desire, but the quote i'm looking for is in this game that reminds me of the way you rendered the binary btw "peer and fuckable object" as "a 'girl' is nothing but a fuck sock" specifically in regards to like, the complexities of the intersection of trauma and transgender identity on any axis where the binary of "girl / man" doesn't have anything to do with genitals and has to do with predation and sexual objectification instead. 

that's how i interpreted / what resonated with me especially in the peer / fuckable object binary. if ur not a peer ("man") you are a fuckable object ("girl") which like, is far more complex than just genitalia.

thank you so so much for recommending it to me!


Oh my god this is so good. I love it, it's raw. You extracted beautiful poetry out of this filth by pressing it mercilessly and forcing what came out to stand naked in the light. Thank you.


Was a very clear thesis on how and why traditional gender roles are a thing! Can't call it refreshing, but it put some things into perspective.


I can't stop thinking about this one.


I had so much fun reading it, just how absurd it is, please make more games and rants like this, they're absolutely great. I loved it.


thank’s, glad you enjoyed it. I wasn’t aiming for the laughing effect but I guess that yes this reality is absurd 


that was... rough.

Definitely one of the most confronting and uncompromising works I have seen on here. It is great, I loved it.


omg thank you, it really means a lot ! ❤️








got the basics really figured out

thanks !


good breakdown

thank you !


I have banned BruthMomen from commenting here, this is no place for bigot trolls

Please stay safe ❤️




gosh thank you <3


This is a genuine piece of wisdom. 
There is no violence in there. It just depicts what some people feel as "real", while it is just plain wrong. The violence is in the mind of those who actually feel that way.

Deserves a special award for best use of sarcasm I've seen in quite a long time! :)




Raw, but sincere and intensely relatable. We have to tell our stories, however much violence they may contain, so the rest of the world cannot pretend they didn't know about it. Keep going!


I’m crying <3


Some people will never know that our queer genders are threatening to others, although coming from a place of self acceptance and care.

Thanks for putting words on things we go through constantly endure when we are being objectified as non-peers.

thank you so much <3


This feels unhinged. 


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Hey I’m sorry if it trigged you, please stay safe 

Did you read the content warnings ? They’re really important

It’s a way of showing how bigots think why it’s completely bullshit and yes the way they think is completely unhinged and unhealthy


Agreed. The author seems to be mentally unwell. Doesn't seem to know what bigotry actually means either lol.