The Impending Doom Tabletop RPG

Wow it's been a long while since I didn't create any games. But I got inspired by tartlewizard's Kafkian tabletop RPG and the whole idea of the One-Page RPG Jam to fit a description of a tabletop Role Playing Game on just one page.

I haven't yet designed any Tabletop Role Playing Games, so it's really interesting to do something different :)

The game is untested so I don't really know how this would play and whether the idea is really something new (although I imagine it might make an interesting session), but I'm happy I made it and I enjoyed the creative process :)

And the big bonus is that the game fits one page of print (so it doesn't take ages to create and read! :D )

If you ever choose to play it with your group please let me know how it turned out!


The Impending Doom TTRPG.pdf 295 kB
42 days ago

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